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Custom Photo Shape Pillow

Custom Photo Shape Pillow

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Shape Pillow

Personalized Custom Shape Pillow is the perfect gift for those who love furry friends and want to showcase their love for them in a unique way. Whether it's a dog, cat, or any other beloved pet, this personalized pillow allows pet lovers to have a custom shape pillow featuring their furry friend's adorable face. It's a thoughtful and heartwarming gift that will surely bring joy to any pet lover's heart, making it an ideal choice for Birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Father’s Day, Mother's Day,  Anniversary, Graduation, or any special occasion.


"Every time you rest your head on this soft and cuddly pillow, you'll be reminded of the special bond you have with your pet.

It's a unique and sentimental gift that will surely make any pet lover's heart melt. I hope this personalized pillow brings a smile to your face every time you see your beloved pet's adorable face on it.
It's a small token of appreciation for the love and joy your furry friend brings into your life.
Whether it's for a special occasion or just because you want to remember all of the unconditional love and companionship that your pet provides.
May this custom shape pillow serve as a constant reminder of every moment you share with your furry companion."


  • This is a customized product with a customized design.
  • High-quality material: Made from soft poly velvet suede for cover, smooth, non-fading and anti-pollution, machine washable. Filled with poly fill pillow inside.
  • Accent piece to create interest in your room or as a functional head pillow.
  • This fashionable accessory offers great looks and endless comfort.
  • Serves as beautiful home decor for you or makes a great gift for friends.
  • Laundry guide: Handwashing pillow in cold water for stronger cleaning.


  • Material: Microfiber Polyester Fabric
  • Printable area: 1 SIDE
  • White-colored backside
  • Size:
    - 7.9 x 15.7 inches (~ 20 x 40 cm)
    - 15.7 x 23.6 inches (~ 40 x 60 cm)


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